University of Wisconsin - Madison

Polmeth XXXIV

Women/Diversity Dinner Welcome

The annual political methodology dinner to promote diverse representation at the conference will be held on Wednesday, July 12. The dinner is being organized by Suzanna Linn, Eleanor Powell, and Molly Roberts.

Location: The Coopers Tavern (20 West Mifflin Street)
Time: 6-8:30pm

The restaurant is approximately a 15-minute walk from the conference hotels and a 20-minute walk from the Smith Hall dormitory. Participants might want to check with their hotels about shuttle options or use taxis/Lyft/Uber.

(Please note that the Madison Chamber Orchestra will be performing that evening on the the Capitol Square grounds near the restaurant as part of the Concerts on the Square series. As a result, participants should expect some streets around the restaurant to be pedestrian only.)


Questions or concerns above the host site and program logistics of the meeting can be directed to