University of Wisconsin - Madison

Polmeth XXXIV

Poster Sessions

There will be three poster sessions at Polmeth XXXIV:

  • Thursday 12pm-1:30pm (over boxed lunch)
  • Thursday 4:30pm-6pm (during reception with food and drinks)
  • Friday 4:30pm-6pm (during reception food and drinks)

The full listing of who is presenting at each of the sessions is available here.

Please note that faculty, graduate students, and other researchers will be intermixed at each poster session.

There will be awards given for the best poster by a graduate student and the best poster by a faculty member or other person holding a Ph.D.

Printing Posters

We recommend that presenters bring printed posters with them to the conference, although there are options for local printing.

The Wisconsin School of Business, where the conference will be held, has limited capacity for printing posters on site through the school's Copy Center. Please contact them by July 10 at if you wish to use their services. Other options for local printing of posters include the campus Digital Publishing and Printing Service (30 East Campus Mall) and FedEx (654 West Washington Avenue), both of which allow you to upload a digital file and pick up the poster locally.


The conference will provide surfaces for mounting posters and tacks for affixing them. All mounting surfaces will be at least 46 inches by 46 inches. Presenters should arrive early to affix their posters before the sessions begin. Presenters should stay near their posters throughout the sessions to talk with attendees about their projects.

There are many resources available to guide the creation of an effective poster. The Polmeth repository has some examples of posters from previous conferences. There are templates available for LaTeX (A0 size should work) and PowerPoint. General advice on how to create a good poster presentation and additional templates are available here and here.


Questions or concerns above the host site and program logistics of the meeting can be directed to